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Student Cribs x LOFT

  • by Anne-Marie O'Neill

How we refurbished 400 rooms across 112 different sites in just 3 weeks.

Student Cribs have built a trusted brand for market leading design and affordability for student accommodation.

Present in 23 British cities, and in the best University locations, all their properties are stylish, contemporary and holistically designed for student living.


We provide the perfect partnership for Student Cribs, because of our on-trend interior design capabilities, our understanding of the way that students utilise and share spaces, and our flexible warehousing solutions. 

We were able to fit out 400 rooms across 112 different sites in just three weeks. Using our flexible warehousing in Northumberland, and our own fleet, we delivered to multiple locations in time for student move in dates. 


The result?

Affordable, durable and aspirational student accommodation that really stood out in the city.


"Having used LOFT during two busy refurbishment periods, we have been pleased with the support and guidance which we have received from the team."

Stef Dietrich, Student Cribs

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