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The Boathouse x LOFT

  • by Shelby Brierley-Jones

How we designed two show apartments for an exciting new residential, drawing on inspiration from the Maritime Industry and biophilic elements.


When our client approached us, they needed show homes for two of their BTR schemes. One in Reading, and one in Bournemouth. There were a few things we needed to consider: the aesthetic, of course, but BTR is more about how people use spaces to live, work and relax, as well as incorporating brand and locally relevant design. 

The Reading development overlooked the River Thames and needed to showcase its potential for aspirational living. We mixed intelligent design with high-quality finishes and fittings. To complement the development, our Design Team curated a bespoke look, playing with varying tones and materials.

We paired sumptuous wooden finished with smooth metallics in our pieces, using rich fabrics for the accessories. The apartment had an overall elegant feel, modern and sleek, but somewhere you would also feel at home. 

For our client’s Bournemouth development, we took a very different approach. Situated along the south coast, we took advantage of picturesque, coastal living and designed show apartments that emphasised the scenic views and the large amounts of light that fills each room.

The apartment was already fitted elegantly, so we selected marble finishes and metallic accents to complement. We kept the colour palette of the furniture light, allowing the walnut centrepieces to stand out effortlessly.

Both developments enjoyed a modern and relaxed finishing, making them the perfect show homes to convey the potential of the buildings.

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